The Kings of Azmus

More or less the rest of what I can remember
Please add stuff if I missed it (I missed a lot)

The remaining time in Coalton was spent investigating the mysterious shipment and learning about the symbol. The shipment came in the middle of the night escorted by elves. The Envoy, Nicholas, allowed the shipment to enter Coalton. The group went to confront him about it. Then something happened and Cassio was on a horse. There was a big fight inside Nicholas‘s house and people died. Nicholas told the party about the Cult of Moloch, and how he was bribed or threatened or something. The group left Coalton as escorts to a caravan and Maximus bought a cape I think. The caravan was attacked in the night and the party kicked the attaker’s collective ass. This was a cliff hanger because the cape salesman might’ve died.

Chapter 1

Cassio has returned from the dessert and met up with his fellows from the orphanage. They seem uneasy around him, has the dessert changed him more than he realized? It is a pretty harsh place and he suffered through many an ordeal. They all had quite serious messages from Kathleen of Earastil, the matron of their orphanage. Once back in Coalton by some twist of fate it seems that Kathleen had perished in a fire that took down the building they once called home. They begin investigating around town and Cassio heads to the blacksmithing area to see if anyone witnessed the event. He runs into an old acquaintance of his, Hellena. Unfortunately, Cassio has completely forgotten his old life (the dessert changes a man). Hellena found this to be quite insulting and told him to talk to the night guards. He reconvenes with his fellows and heads off with Kithflan to the guard house. There they learn that a mysterious midnight shipment had arrived before the mysterious fire had taken their Matron.

Daeglen departed from the town of Wiskburrow heading north towards Coalton. Along the way he met up with his old compatriots from the orphanage. They traveled the remaining distance to Coalton, but as soon as they arrived Daeglen noticed the Funeral banners. This made him uneasy and as they entered the town his fears were realized. The banners were raised for Kathleen of Erastil, the very person who had summoned them all back to Coalton. The church had burned down and she was trapped inside. They got into town and Daeglen immediately went to the church. The Guards all said she had knocked over a candelabra, but Kathleen was much to careful to do something like that. He suspected foul play. Daeglen, Kithflan, and Maximus investigated the church while Cassio went to look for witnesses. They couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary in the church until Maximus found a strange symbol carved into the head board of Kathleen’s bed. None of them could Identify it so Daeglen made an etching of it in his spell book before they made their way to the tavern to ask about it. Daeglen didn’t really trust anyone outside his small group at this point, so he was very careful to keep the symbol hidden. Along the way they met up with Cassio who was on his way to the guard house. Kithflan went with Cassio, leaving Daeglen and Maximus to head to the tavern. They entered the tavern and immediately Maximus insulted the woman behind the counter. It turned out this was Scarlett the owner of the whole building. Daeglen didn’t fare much better, but he was more able to talk with her. He didn’t want to take part in bribing her so their conversation didn’t last long.

Kithflan packed lightly for the journey home. He was staying near Azmodea when he got the message from Kathleen of Erastil, bidding him to return home. He traveled some time before he met up with his old friends from the orphanage. They seemed to be on their own paths, but since none of them had fallen to evil he deemed it okay to walk with them. Maybe he could bring them to the path of Vildeus. They made their way to their home town of Coalton and when they arrived Daeglen started to fidget as if he was worried. Kithflan couldn’t see what worried him, but when they got into town the guards informed them of Kathleen’s death. She had apparently gotten caught inside the orphanage when a fire was started. They went to the burned wreckage of the church and Kithflan convinced the guard on duty to let them in. They looked around for a little while finding nothing of note until Maximus found a strange symbol engraved onto Kathleen’s head board in her personal quarters. After some discussion it was decided to go to the tavern to see if anyone there knew what is meant. Along the way they ran into Cassio, who was headed to the guard house to see if the night guards say anything strange in the days leading up to the fire. Kithflan decided to give Cassio some back up and went with him. They discovered that about a week before the fire (two weeks prior to that day) a shipment arrived in the middle of the night. The guard assumed it was an emergency restock for the market area, but there was still an air of mystery surrounding the shipment.

Maximus never spoke his own name and never cared to ask the farmer his while he stayed there. So, he waved goodbye to the nameless farmer and began his harsh journey out of the valley and down the mountain. He reached the main road without much hardship and was surprised to find his old companions not too much farther up the road. They traveled together sharing each-others company until they reached Coalton. The guard inside informed them that a funeral was going to be held for Kathleen of Erastil who was the very person who summoned them. They went to the burned church to investigate what had happened. Maximus wasn’t too interested in the whole affair, he had seen many die while he was away. He wandered into the matron’s chambers and saw something odd. A symbol he had never seen before. He called for his companions, but none of them recognized it either. They decided to head to the bar to ask around about it. Maximus was gonna ask everyone they passed but Daeglen kept yelling at him to stop. They got to the bar and Maximus ordered to drinks and some information. The wench behind the counter was offended by his request for service. Fortunately Daeglen pointed out some hardy Dwarven mercenaries in the common room. Maximus sat with them and traded tales of valor and bravery. He learned of the Dwarven homeland of Durgoth across the sea where Torag was believed to have the strongest following.

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