The Kings of Azmus

More or less the rest of what I can remember

Please add stuff if I missed it (I missed a lot)

The remaining time in Coalton was spent investigating the mysterious shipment and learning about the symbol. The shipment came in the middle of the night escorted by elves. The Envoy, Nicholas, allowed the shipment to enter Coalton. The group went to confront him about it. Then something happened and Cassio was on a horse. There was a big fight inside Nicholas‘s house and people died. Nicholas told the party about the Cult of Moloch, and how he was bribed or threatened or something. The group left Coalton as escorts to a caravan and Maximus bought a cape I think. The caravan was attacked in the night and the party kicked the attaker’s collective ass. This was a cliff hanger because the cape salesman might’ve died.


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